My McQueens Wedding: Kim and Craig

Kim and Craig Kelly enjoyed a gorgeous wedding ceremony in the sublime sunken garden at The Grove Hotel, Hertfordshire last August. Against a romantic flower arch backdrop – created by McQueens naturally, with gorgeous summer blooms – they exchanged their vows. Afterwards, the lavish wedding reception was held in the ballroom at the Grove, and all was captured beautifully by their photographer Mike Garrard. August is an incredible month for flowers and the wedding featured some of our favourites.

‘ Kim was drawn to a very romantic palette and pink was the first shade mentioned,’ says McQueens florist Vanessa Penston. ‘However, Kim felt she’d prefer something softer. In the end, we went for blush and nude shades of pink, nothing too vivid. It was amazing to work with  ‘cafe au lait’ dahlia that are just perfect at that time of year. We blended those with hydrangea, bombastic spray roses and gorgeous sweet avalanche roses. The bridal bouquet looked incredible. The theme for the outside ceremony had a gorgeous summer garden feel, the archway was full of flowers and the setting within the sunken garden at The Grove is beautiful. Inside we created a different, sleeker look for the tables and I was so pleased with how it all came together.’

 Bride Kim takes up the story of why she chose McQueens for her flowers.

‘It was so important to me to find a florist that could understand my vision and help us create something amazing,’ explains Kim. ‘To celebrate our first Valentine’s Day as a couple, Craig had bought me a beautiful bouquet of flowers from McQueens, and I never forgot how gorgeous they were. So it was a very easy decision to choose McQueens for our wedding. We were wowed by the flower displays that McQueens created at the Grove, and knew that the unique style, flair and creativity that McQueens have would be complementary to us and our wedding. We had always dreamed about getting married outside in the sunken garden at The Grove and wanted to find a florist that could turn the wonderful garden into something quite spectacular.

How was the experience of working with McQueens?

‘I worked with Vanessa Penston who really understood my ideas and was great at helping to bring it all to life. From our first meeting, I knew we had made the right choice to work with McQueens. It was an absolute joy to work with the team who went above and beyond from start to finish. The time, effort and dedication that McQueens gave to our wedding and the overall look created on the day truly exceeded our expectations. I can safely say that my husband now well and truly has a new found appreciation for flowers!’

 What was your impression on the day?

‘From the moment I walked down the aisle into the sunken garden and caught my first glimpse of the flower arch, I was absolutely stunned at how beautiful it looked! I never expected that flowers could stir up so much emotion, and McQueens certainly succeeded in leaving me speechless! Our table centre pieces were exquisite, especially the floral candelabras which were very effective in the evening and created the romantic  atmosphere in the ballroom that we had hoped for. We had a moment alone before our guests entered the ballroom, and we couldn’t stop smiling when we saw the flowers decorated around the room – our guests were very complimentary about them, too. Thanks to Vanessa and the team at McQueens, my vision came to life and the gorgeous flowers made our day even more special that we could ever have imagined.’

pink wedding bouquet on a red velvet chair Small bridesmaid with a flower crown and basket Bride with bouquet on wedding day bride standing on staircase with bridal bouquet The sunken garden at The Grove Hotel A beautiful flower arch at the sunken garden at The Grove hotel. The ceremony dressed with flowers at the sunken garden at the Grove Hotel A close up images of the flower arch The chairs dressed with flowers ready for the ceremony The bride and her flower at The Grove hotel Just married at the sunken garden at the grove Just married the bride and groom Just Married. The bride and groom walk down the aisle The bride and groom at The Grove Hotel The happy bride and groom A close up of the wedding bouquet The happy bride and her bridesmaids A close up of the brides and bridesmaids bouquets The ballroom at the Grove hotel dressed with flowers A table dressed with flowers in the ballroom at The Grove Hotel A flower candelabra table centre at the ballroom at The Grove Hotel