Meet The Team: Giuseppe Puddori

Continuing a tour of the world via a conversation with our international team of florists, we spoke to McQueens Flower School tutor Giuseppe Puddori and quizzed him about a life with flowers and his adventures at McQueens Flower School!

Where did you get your appreciation of flowers from?

I was born and grew up in the countryside of Sardinia and I was practically raised outdoors. Gardens were my playground and I remember as a child I always loved flowers. I vividly remember create a makeshift florist shop in the garden and pretended that I was working in a florist by bundling up everything I could find in the garden!

What made you decide that you wanted to be a florist?

I moved to London 18 years ago and worked in the men’s fashion department at Selfridge’s. I enjoyed the job, but I was looking for a challenge and I definitely wanted a shift in gear. I’ve always loved flowers and a friend who knew me well suggested that I try floristry. I did some research and made the decision to go  college part-time to study floristry. I loved it from the start and decided this would be my career change, and I studied very hard at college. My ambition was always to work at McQueens –  I followed them on social media –  and I loved to see all the work that they did, particularly their event work. I was so pleased when I was eventually offered a job.

What is your personal style?

I love a very relaxed and natural style of flower design. People often ask florists what their favourite flowers are and I don’t have one. I love most flowers and the variety is what keeps this job interesting!

How has your experience been working for McQueens?

It has been a journey!  My life working as a florist is a million miles away from working in fashion. The variety of work that I have been able to do is amazing! I have worked in the events team for two years now. The pace is extremely fast and the work has been so varied and it has been incredible to work on so many projects with such a variety of flowers. It’s been a great opportunity to work as part of the school team too, and to welcome students from all over the world. I have recently come back from a teaching trip with McQueens in Italy, which was incredibly rewarding. I am very excited to be part of a team planning lots of exciting things for 2017.

What advice do you have for anyone wanting to work with flowers?

I retrained when I was 36 years old and I now teach at McQueens Flower School. The first thing I would say is, it’s never too late! Working with flowers is an amazing job, you get surprises every day and you never stop learning!