Vanity Fair Cannes Party

One of the wonderful joys of our work as florists is the opportunity to travel, and to create designs in some amazing locations around the world. So we were very excited to be heading off to the Côte d’Azur to install flowers for the Vanity Fair Cannes party at Hotel du Cap Eden Roc, the venue for one of the world’s most glamorous parties and one that we have have the great fortune to have styled on previous occasions.

Hotel du Cap is a magnet for the rich and famous and boasts an unrivalled status for its fabulous views and gracious appearance. The hotel has an old school feel of sophistication and glamour and it’s easy to imagine the likes of Gene Kelly and Kirk Douglas – among the famous faces captured in iconic photographs on the wall of the hotel – holding court by the  breathtaking infinity pool overlooking spectacular views of the Med.

Our allocated work space was pretty hard to beat with floor-to-ceiling windows out onto the Côte d’Azur, the sort of views we could definitely get very used to! Peony were the flora du jour – and what peonies ! We took delivery from Holland of a consignment of glorious coral, pink, and white varieties that herald the start of the summer season.

The restaurant hosted a sit-down dinner (courtesy of sponsors HBO) for a very select gathering from the upper echelons of film, TV and music, and we dressed the tables and entrance areas with masses of most perfect coral charm peonies. The main area of the party, hosted by Chopard and held after the dinner, was adorned with a combination of pink and white peonies the colour of delicious looking ice creams.

Peonies are a flower that can often prove to be problematic when trying to ensure they look their party best – beautifully open. But our gorgeous and very well mannered peonies didn’t disappoint. They were resplendently in bloom and perfectly timed for the enjoyment of a magnificent guest list that included Leonardo DiCaprio, Faye Dunaway, Mick Jagger, Jodie Foster and Kate Hudson, who partied until the early hours, bringing Vanity Fair’s Cannes film festival party to a triumphant close.

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