Spotlight: Ayumi Takahashi

New York-based artist, Ayumi Takahashi, has a remarkable talent for creating bold images that positively brim with colour, character and depth. Born in China, raised in Japan and educated in the US and London, Ayumi is, perhaps unsurprisingly, a keen traveller with a passion for history, language, culture and people. Her distinctive portraits of women subtly […]

Spotlight: Lucinda Law

Taking to the stage in today’s Spotlight interview is a woman of many talents; Singapore-based artist, Lucinda Law. We first stumbled across Lucinda’s work after spotting the fabulous illustrated cover she created for Harper’s Bazaar SG, in 2016, and were enthralled to learn about her multi-faceted life as a writer, editor, teacher and botanical watercolour […]

Spotlight: Judy Broad Calligraphy

Calligraphy is hot right now, and new ways of exploring the traditional craft are on the rise with calligraphers such as Judy Broad. Having learned from the masters as a mature student, Judy is paving her way with their modern scripts. She now teaches and works with both private and corporate clients including wedding planners, photographers, designers and […]

Spotlight: Desmond & Dempsey

It’s a rare day that we florists manage a ‘proper’ lie-in but when we do you can be sure that we make the most of it! Perhaps that’s why we were so captivated by Desmond & Dempsey, a brand with a message close to our hearts – make the most of your Sundays. The duo […]

Spotlight: Artist, Rebecca Louise Law

Rebecca Louise Law is a renowned international artist who is widely known for her innovative installations incorporating flowers. Her sculptural style is instantly recognisable, often inhabiting large spaces for extended periods of time. Her work is deeply moving and captures the imagination exploring themes of beauty, decay, life and death. Her site-specific work is meticulously […]

Spotlight: WAH Nails

This week we put the spotlight on a brand that has become synonymous with girl culture and nail art in the UK and worldwide. Being passionate about millennial girl culture from an early age, young entrepreneur Sharmadean Reid started the Hip Hop fanzine, WAH (‘We Ain’t Hoes’), in 2006 while studying at Central St Martins. She quickly […]

Spotlight: Victoria Collinge

Today we’re turning the spotlight on an artist who captivated us with her delicate, atmospheric and often botanical-inspired art. With a background in fine art and architecture, Victoria Collinge’s expressive works on paper and textiles originate from beautifully captured natural forms and abstracted views of her surroundings. Often capturing the essence or mood of a […]

Spotlight: The London Loom

With our HQ based in Bethnal Green, we’re often presented with fantastic opportunities to learn something new in what is arguably one of the most creative corners of London. Not only are we, quite literally, surrounded by art galleries, there’s a whole wealth of makers, workshops and creative studios all only a short walk or bus […]

Spotlight: Hoxton Mini Press

In an ever-increasing digital world, some may imagine book publishing to be a step in the opposite direction. Fortunately, Ann Waldvogel and Martin Usborne from Hoxton Mini Press took the view that ‘in an age when everything is virtual, the book as an object is more important than ever’, and we couldn’t agree more. Based in Shoreditch, […]

Spotlight: Wellness coach, Ariadne Kapsali

Unbeknown to some, the world of floristry can be surprisingly stressful –  hard to imagine we know, given the endless delights of working with what can only be described as Mother Nature’s most beautiful bounty. Of course, we wouldn’t endure the early mornings, cold conditions and perils of pernickety blooms if it weren’t for our […]