Ask McQueens: How Do I Get the Most out of My Work Experience?

Answering today’s question is senior McQueens florist, John Minet, whose masterful creations may well have spotted more than once on the McQueens Instagram account. Not only is he a dab hand at creating some of the most fabulous (and giant) bouquets you’ve ever seen, John also heads up our work experience program — a further learning opportunity […]

Ask McQueens: How Can I Change Career to Floristry?

Changing career rarely comes without its risks, and that includes a move into the world of floristry. For many, the dream of pretty flowers and Pinterest-perfect wedding displays swiftly melts away with the reality of early mornings, irregular starts, and grubby fingernails! If you have however, decided that it’s the career for you then read […]

Ask McQueens: I Love Colourful Flowers but My Fiancée Wants a ‘Neutral’ Look – Help!

Anyone who’s decorated with a significant other will recognise the perils of choosing a colour scheme with their partner, you never fully appreciate how many colour combinations there are in the world until you’ve compared several hundred swatches on a wall and, more often than not, exercised a little bit of compromise before picking the perfect […]

Ask McQueens: How Can I Convince My Dad Floristry Isn’t ‘Just for Girls’?

Like most industries, the world of floristry isn’t exempt from a stereotype or two. We’re fortunate at McQueens to have an almost 50/50 balance of guys and gals, and there are a great many chaps out there who are known for their floral prowess. However, the idea that flowers should be left to the girls can still be […]

Ask McQueens: What Are the Best Wedding Flowers to Use Abroad?

Today we’re introducing our new feature Ask McQueens where you can shower us with all your floral questions and we’ll do our best to come up with the answers! We kick off with one of the most popular topics within the floral world, weddings. One of our lovely readers has written in with a question about her […]