How to Improve Your Flower Photography in 5 Simple Steps

From the untamed beauty of wild blooms through to those most exquisitely cultivated varieties, the beauty of flowers is hard to surpass. And yet, for such a photogenic subject, flowers can prove deceptively challenging to photograph — especially when you’re relying on a smartphone (which let’s face it, is often the case). From lighting to angles, […]

Introducing Botanical by Samuel Zeller

Featuring over 100 photographs taken in cities across Europe, Botanical by Samuel Zeller is the latest publication from our east London neighbours, Hoxton Mini Press. His photographs reveal a rare serenity found at the heart of some of Europe’s most popular locations. Shot in botanical gardens in Paris, Geneva, Edinburgh, Prague and many more, these […]

Spotlight: Photographer, Paulette Tavormina

Best known for her series, Natura Morta, inspired by 17th century Old Master still life painters, the work of New-York-based photographer, Paulette Tavormina brims with sumptuous detail, atmosphere and intrigue. Her photographs are displayed in museums, corporate and private collections and have been exhibited in France, England, Russia, Italy, and throughout the US. In 2016, she […]

Instagrammer of the Week: Botanicaetcetera

In a world of ever more online activity, it’s perhaps no wonder that we’re increasingly turning towards those with a discerning eye to help sort the wheat from the chaff. In her own words, the curated feed of Maggie Sheperd, Botanicaetcetera, features “images from the natural world created by talented florists and artists.” And yet, it’s […]

Spotlight: Fox & Squirrel

Avid readers of McQueens the Blog may recall our feature on a sun-drenched wedding held in the romantic Castello Di Tornano (the Castle of Love) in Tuscany. Little known to some, however, is that our beautiful bride, Penelope Sacrafou, is also the entrepreneurial founder behind Fox & Squirrel, an award-winning guided tour group taking the culturally adventurous […]

Spotlight: Katie Spicer

Today’s spotlight interview is with lifestyle photographer Katie Spicer. Specialising in creative brands, events and artisans, Katie has built a reputation for a style that is heavily inspired by nature. Her images are light, bright and beautifully composed and a look through her portfolio reveals a love and a passion for flowers that regularly feature […]

Instagrammer of the Week: The Doors of London

Writer by day, stalker of London doors by night (or rather, the weekend), Bella’s Instagram feed is full of some of London’s most photogenic doors. From capturing the homes that have become insta-famous overnight thanks to their pretty facades being snapped by the blogging elite to hunting down the lesser-known yet equally aesthetic architecture in […]

Instagrammer of the Week: Catherine Frawley

With her mouth-watering shots of delectable dishes, beautifully styled scenes and snapshots of the prettiest corners of London and afar, today’s Instagrammer of the Week accolade goes to the talented Catherine Frawley of Borrowed Light. An award-winning photographer, food editor and lifestyle contributor for Betty Magazine, Catherine’s feed is a haven for anyone who loves good […]

Instagrammer of the Week: Freya Dowson

To continue our Instagrammer of the Week series, we reached out to someone who has truly inspired us with her talent and passion for photography, travel, people and nature. Photographer Freya Dowson works internationally, shooting stories around the world and at home in London where she lives with her husband and her dog, Molly. When […]

Instagrammer of the Week: Richard Lee Massey

This week, our Instagrammer of the Week goes to Richard Massey, PR director at the Town Hall Hotel. His account is full of beautifully captured images of London – and East London in particular. His photography is primarily focused on places and scenes from his travels as he explores his neighbourhood and ventures further afield. Richard has a happy […]