Instagrammer of the Week: Botanicaetcetera

In a world of ever more online¬†activity, it’s perhaps no wonder that we’re increasingly turning towards those with a discerning eye to help sort the wheat from the chaff. In her own words, the curated feed of Maggie Sheperd, Botanicaetcetera, features “images from the natural world created by talented florists and artists.” And yet, it’s […]

Spotlight: Ayumi Takahashi

New York-based artist, Ayumi Takahashi, has a remarkable talent for creating bold images that positively brim¬†with colour, character and depth. Born in China, raised in Japan and educated in the US and London, Ayumi is, perhaps unsurprisingly, a keen traveller with a passion for history, language, culture and people. Her distinctive portraits of women subtly […]

Instagrammer of the Week: Robert Bowers

As soon as we spotted Robert Bowers work on Instagram we became instant fans. Maybe it’s because is so very chilly here in the UK and we’re lusting for warm, tropical destinations, or perhaps our inner botanists were immediately drawn to the lush foliage that so often features in his work. Or, more likely, it’s […]