Trending: Floral Watercolour Tattoos

Summer has arrived and with it, a multitude of glorious flower varieties – but they won’t all be fading with the passing of the season! Floral watercolour tattoos are in vogue and taking the internet by storm with Insta-famous tattooists like Seoul-based @zihee_tattoo and Ukrainian artist paving the way with their botanical designs. From […]

Instagrammer of the Week: Isla Middleton

Having just graduated with a degree in textile design, Isla Middleton is rapidly carving herself a successful path in the industry with her exquisite, botanical-inspired linocut patterns and prints. Surrounded by nature from an early age, Isla’s designs reflect the rustic colours and beauty of the English countryside and the floral varieties that can be found […]

Instagrammer of the Week: Stefania Tejada

Born and raised in rural Columbia before moving to Mexico, artist, illustrator and textile designer  Stefania Tejada’s work is inspired by the culture, people, fashion and vibrancy of South America. A childhood spent surrounded by lush, tropical landscapes is evident in her graphic, colourful work that often revolves around the theme of botany, women and […]

Trending: Flower Ice Cubes

What could be more delightful on a hot summer’s day than a cool drink, chilled with flower ice cubes picked fresh from the garden? Not only does your tipple look totally gorgeous (and your Insta-game upped by about 100%) but the possibilities are endless; a sparkling flute of bubbly with dusky spray roses floating inside, edible pansies adding […]

Trending: Succulent Cupcakes

Love succulents but struggle with the ‘keeping them alive’ side of things? The green-thumbed bakers of Instagram might just have the perfect solution with these fabulous, succulent cupcakes. With designs that look the part and no upkeep required, the only challenge is choosing which one to eat first! Here’s a roundup of our top 5 favourite #succulentcupcake […]

Instagrammer of the Week: The Doors of London

Writer by day, stalker of London doors by night (or rather, the weekend), Bella’s Instagram feed is full of some of London’s most photogenic doors. From capturing the homes that have become insta-famous overnight thanks to their pretty facades being snapped by the blogging elite to hunting down the lesser-known yet equally aesthetic architecture in […]

Instagrammer of the Week: Catherine Frawley

With her mouth-watering shots of delectable dishes, beautifully styled scenes and snapshots of the prettiest corners of London and afar, today’s Instagrammer of the Week accolade goes to the talented Catherine Frawley of Borrowed Light. An award-winning photographer, food editor and lifestyle contributor for Betty Magazine, Catherine’s feed is a haven for anyone who loves good […]

Instagrammer of the Week: Nina Cosford

Today’s Instagrammer of the Week accolade goes to one of our new favourite artists, Nina Cosford, a freelance illustrator living and working in Hastings, East Sussex. After graduating from Kingston University with a degree in illustration, Nina steadily grew her personal career and now works across editorial, advertising, reportage, education and book illustration alongside her own projects. Some of […]

Instagrammer of the Week: Belle & Bunty

Alice Shreeve and Hannah Coniam-Thompson are the fashion designers and creatives behind the cult London label, Belle & Bunty. The brand was founded in 2003 and, after showing on the catwalks of London Fashion Week, moved into made-to-order bridalwear now selling at exclusive bridal boutiques internationally as well as in the Belle & Bunty London flagship […]

Instagrammer of the Week: New Covent Garden Market

For flower fans and avid readers of the blog, you will all know that the New Covent Garden Market has recently relocated to its brand new space on Nine Elms Lane, London. Naturally, we’ve been following their progress (along with thousands of followers) on social media and, after months of anticipation, it was a delight […]