McQueens Flower School: New Dates For 2018

We are very excited to introduce our exciting curriculum of creative courses at McQueens Flower School for 2018. This year so far has been so memorable for McQueens Flower School for many different reasons. We have been welcoming record numbers of students from all over the world, and we have loved sharing our passion for […]

Quince Blossom

Well, 2017 is shaping up nicely here at McQueens home for wayward flowers, and it’s hard to believe that March is here yet again. Good riddance to hurricane Doris and hello to a burgeoning list of new seasonal flowers, as we’re offered the odd glimpse of sunnier times ahead! Spring is a magical time in the […]

How to Choose Flowers

Making a selection of flowers can be a minefield for some; it’s a conundrum of choice with a seemingly endless supply of colour, texture and variety that boggles the mind, making it difficult to choose. It’s the same reason though that florists can work in an industry for decades without getting jaded; the myriad of possibilities breaks down […]

McQueens Master-Class: All You Need to Know

Working with flowers is enormously rewarding, they have an extremely unique and compelling power; everyone who works with flowers testifies to the sort of satisfaction that rarely exists in other professions. Flowers do have their own set of challenges, though, and a life working with flowers can at times be an interesting ride. Flowers are vulnerable to […]

McQueens Vocational Course: All You Need to Know

McQueens four-week vocational course has become the standard for excellence in contemporary flower design, and is known and acknowledged around the world. We have seven four-week courses planned for 2017, and we are delighted to welcome students from all corners of the globe. The course is a fast-paced, intensive, full-on immersion into the world of flowers that cover […]

Let It Snowberry

Snowberry teeters around the grey area which distinguishes flowers from foliages and shrubbery. It’s a champion ingredient during late summer and autumn months and is much-loved chez McQueens. Cultivated in white and pink, its shrub-like branches are covered in clusters of berries that look like mini fruit. They are a delicious source of food for many […]