Our Top 5 Renaissance Flowers

Like fashion, flowers continually evolve with styles coming in and going out of favour as they align with trends in art, design and interiors.  OK, the swings might not be quite as swift as the changes in fashion where it often seems like this season’s must-have are next season’s bargain bin, still there are marked […]

The Breakthrough Prize 2017

The Breakthrough Prize ceremony in Mountain View, California has become a highlight of the McQueens calendar since its founding in 2012. The Breakthrough Prize is a set of coveted international awards that covers several categories in recognition of scientific advance – it’s been called the Oscars of the scientific community. Set up by a renowned group […]

Colour Inspiration: Peach Flowers

When it comes to flowers, peach is a curious colour, often overlooked yet key to so many a winning floral scheme. Its subtleness lends itself to a combination of colours from ivory and cream to apricot and berry-toned blends, yet it is rarely used alone. For some, this may come as no surprise as, in […]

Power Blooms: Chrysanthemums

All chrysanthemums are not the same. There’s a hierarchy of the species with the garish supermarket varieties at one end, and prized luxurious blooms at the other. The very name chrysanthemum summons up a vision of mumsiness. They have been a mainstay of traditional flower shops for generations. They are a dependable and hardy flowers that are […]