The Thrill of Creating Wedding Flowers

There can be no more an honour or an accolade than being commissioned by a happy couple to be their designated florist of choice for a wedding or civil ceremony. We, florists, are lucky to have a window into every celebration in life and there can be no more a jolly affair than the union of […]

Why Pink Flowers Are the Perfect Choice for Your Wedding Day

Pink may not be your number one choice of colour, in fact, many people have a ‘love it or hate it’ point of view, especially when it comes to flowers. We, however, find it quite charming. It’s a calming, dainty colour that has been popular since its initial boom in the 18th century, when pastels […]

Our Top 5 Favourite Pinterest Boards from 2016

As many of you know, we adore Pinterest and have been busy recently creating lots of gorgeous, themed boards inspired by the many events, weddings, contracts and simply stunning flower designs we have had the pleasure to make over time. For those of you who follow McQueens on Instagram, you’ll already know that we rarely […]