The Simple Charm of Clematis

Continuing the joyous but never ending task of featuring our favourite seasonal flowers, today we focus our attention on the nimble and dexterous charm of clematis. And what a beauty it is. Cultivated in pink and purple shades, it typically stands around 60cm with a long, delicate stem and a plethora of nodding star-shaped flowers […]

How We Adore Sweet Pea

The flower displays in our Bethnal Green HQ and McQueens at Claridge’s store in Mayfair feature the dainty, wispy pastel-coloured delights of sweet pea. A florist shop in May wouldn’t seem right without them. Sweet pea has successfully transitioned from Granddad’s favourite allotment flower to the queen of high spring and THE must-have flower of the season. They are […]

Not Just For Mother’s Day!

A beautiful bouquet of flowers is a vital component to a special Mother’s Day – it’s as important as breakfast in bed, a slap up lunch in a favourite restaurant, or a hand-made card with felt tip and lashings of glitter. The latter is most successful when it’s been created by someone under the age of 10, it has to be said, but flowers should be a life long annual requirement that shows how much you care and a humble token to make recompense for any bad behaviour in those ‘difficult’ years.

Not Just For Mother’s Day!

Valentine’s Collection 2017: the Power of Love

It doesn’t seem like five minutes ago since we were discussing the annual romance-fest that is St Valentine’s Day. Well here we are again,  February 14 beckoning suggestively, with a crooked finger, hair fixed up pretty and a glint in the eye. Yes, L.O.V.E  is on the agenda  – all capitals – and resistance is futile. As Frankie and […]

Win Our First Bouquet of 2017!

A new month, a new year and a happy introduction to 2017. Each month, we create a bouquet using some of our favourite flowers to celebrate the very finest of that season. With the tinsel and Christmas trees dispatched, we thought that our brand new bouquet for the month for January 2017 could act as a universal […]

The Super Bouquet

The hand-tied bouquet is the number one skill in contemporary flower design. If you are a florist working today, you can guarantee that a significant amount of your time will be spent swirling flowers through your fingers taking care to ensure that the stems of your bouquet are spiralled in one direction, whilst your flowers are […]