Get Creative With Cactus

The trend for house plants continues to flourish and you’d have step back to the 1970s to see another point in time when plants were so in vogue. It’s easy to see why they have enjoyed such a renaissance. Plants can transform a home and bring a taste of the outside inside – and add a little tranquillity to […]

Instagrammer of the Week: Joshua Werber

Drawing from the natural world, Joshua Werber’s work is, in his own words, “an exploration of emotion through the act of creation”. An artist best known for the hashtag #FloralTeteATete — his weekly floral headpieces posted on Instagram— Joshua has earned himself a flurry of followers thanks to the playfully sculptural, mini masterpieces that sit jauntily on […]

McQueens Flower School: A Happy Work Experience

Apart from the world class tuition offered to students at McQueens Flower School and the considerable weight of experience associated with a brand with a rich 26 year history, one of the key benefits that make McQueens Flower School such an attractive proposition for those wanting to learn more about flowers is its locality (on the […]

McQueens Flower School: A Step by Step Approach

Learning anything new can be a daunting undertaking particularly if you are considering a career change. It takes time to climb a mountain but that journey always begins with just one step. Here at McQueens Flower School, we welcome many different types of students who come to us from different walks of life and all for […]

Spotlight: Clare Therese

Today we turn the spotlight onto British Surface Pattern designer, Clare Therese, best known for her delicate, hand-drawn and painted florals inspired by the natural environment of her rural Hampshire surroundings. Clare lives and works on a farm with her young family, taking on commissions alongside creating surface pattern designs and illustrations for printed textiles and […]

Take Another Look at Anthurium

Anthurium is a peculiar fellow, one of the most unique and exotic flowers to be found. They first gained popular attention in the 1990s when the trend for exotic flowers meant that every upmarket bar or hotel featured a vase including a random assortment of tropical looking blooms; this usually consisted of at least one bird of paradise, one bright […]

Instagrammer of the Week: Katy Biele

With her sunny disposition, eye for detail and strikingly vivid designs, it’s no wonder that artist and embroiderer, Katy Biele has already earned herself a flock of enthusiastic followers in the short time that she’s shared her work on Instagram. Her hand-stitched designs are filled with colour, texture and character; a reflection of both her Chilean […]

What is your Bouquet Personality?

Everyone is special in their unique way; just ask your mum, she’s bound to agree. But the choices we make throughout our lives for things like fashion, hairstyle and the way we dress our homes can tell a lot about who you are and how you will be perceived by others. Flower lovers are a particular […]

Win a One Month Le Petit Ballon Subscription

We are celebrating summer with our friends at Le Petit Ballon.  In addition to having an exquisite taste for all things floral we also have a keen eye for the best things in life and have been known on occasion to delight in fine wine (mostly for medicinal purposes, natch). So we are delighted to be raising a […]

McQueens Success Story: Kate Norris

McQueens Flower School measure its success by the results of the students that attend the school. Apart from delighting in the adventures of countless ex-pupils around the world on Instagram, our tutors also report that having graduated from the McQueens Flower School has other advantages – you can usually find a bed for the night […]