The McQueens Flower School 20th Anniversary

We are delighted to herald in a shiny new year with a wonderful celebration, the 20th anniversary of the McQueens Flower School, which we intend to celebrate throughout 2018 with a program of exciting events to mark such a tremendous milestone.

It doesn’t seem such a long time ago that McQueens was in party mode, celebrating the 25th anniversary of the brand, which was established 28 years ago, in 1991. It’s been a remarkable journey and an astonishing one for McQueens MD and founder, Kally Ellis, who famously founded the company on the strength vivid dream. Kally, who was working in the marketing department of a French merchant bank at the time, had zero experience of the world of flowers. Undeterred, and with sleeves rolled up, she forged her way in the world of flowers with vigour and determination.

“It is often said that ignorance is bliss and if I had any idea of some of the challenges that lay ahead I may never have started this journey, because whilst it has been the best and most terrifying rollercoaster, there has been hard work and sacrifices along the way! The first five years were by far the most difficult. Having a red route painted outside of my shop during the first days of the business wasn’t the best start, but I dealt with each challenge as it came. We soon made progress and it was so exciting to see the opportunities that started to develop. McQueens Flower School was founded due to incredible demand from people eager to know more about working with flowers. The school has steadily grown throughout the years and I am incredibly proud of our reputation, which is known throughout the world, and the fantastic team who continue to build the school, welcoming students from all over the globe.’

McQueens MD and Founder, Kally Ellis
McQueens MD and Founder, Kally Ellis

It is, of course, a huge testament to our tutors that our school has risen to such heights and in light of our 20th anniversary, we asked our team to share their experiences of teaching at the McQueens Flower School:

“I have enjoyed some amazing opportunities during my time at McQueens Flower School. It has been amazing to welcome students to McQueens HQ for our vocational courses but I have also enjoyed international trips teaching in China, Italy and California. Our diary for 2018 is looking busier than ever, with more international trips in the pipeline. I am incredibly proud to be working with such a well known and regarded school and playing a part in the continuing success of McQueens Flower School in its 20th anniversary year!”

Guiseppe Pudori – Head Tutor

“McQueens Flower School is based at McQueens HQ and is connected to the store, workrooms, warehousing and the entire team of talent working within all the departments at McQueens and this is the unique additional benefit studying at McQueens. There’s an incredible energy and buzz within the building and this is what separate’s McQueens for other schools. Students that choose our school are serious about working with flowers and our direct connection to the inner workings of the industry is fascinating for students. Attending any course is an investment, McQueens has such a wealth of knowledge and heritage that makes it an amazing place to work.”

Diana Mayer Martinez – Senior Tutor

“I am always incredibly impressed by the progress of our students from the start of the course to the end of the course and to see their confidence grow. Now, with Instagram, we can continue to see the progression as students begin working in the world of flowers. It’s incredible to see wonderful wedding flowers and events all over the world and it’s a genuine thrill when you have been one of the teachers and have helped to inspire a student.”

Emily Mathison – Events Manager and Specialist Tutor

McQueens tutors, Emily Mathison, Guiseppe Pudori and Diana Mayer Martinez
McQueens tutors, Emily Mathison, Guiseppe Pudori and Diana Mayer Martinez

“Working with flowers is such a pleasure and an honour particularly when you first begin working with flowers. You never ever stop learning and it is a great honour for me to share my knowledge and the experience of McQueens to students from around the world. One of the highlights of my time at McQueens has been teaching in Beijing and I think it’s remarkable that our reputation is so well known around the world.”

Andrea Bassoli – Shop Manager and Specialist Tutor

Portrait of Andrea Bassoli, the McQueens Shop Manager and Specialist Tutor, standing beside a blue, grouped flower arrangement
Andrea Bassoli – Shop Manager and Specialist Tutor

“McQueens Flower School is incredibly dear to my heart and I have loved my time teaching at the school. It’s an incredible honour to welcome so many students from all over the world and it’s been so exciting to see the school grow over the years. Although I don’t teach very often these days. I have a very close relationship with the school as a social media manager documenting some of the classes and I love to see the incredible work that is produced!”

Duncan McCabe – Social Media Manager

Ex-Head Tutor and McQueens Social Media Mnager, Duncan McCabe
McQueens Social Media Mnager, Duncan McCabe

To find out more about our 2018 school program visit our website, email or call us on +44 (0) 20 7251 5505. We’re always happy to help and remember to keep an eye on our socials for up to date announcements, too! You can find us online at @McQueensFlowers on FacebookInstagram or Twitter.