Dahlia: A September Favourite

Bold and imposing, the striking dahlia will never make it as a wallflower. They are in your face and right up in your grill, and that’s why we love them! Dahlia is a delectable delight of later summer/autumn and we adore them here at McQueens. They are one of the least cultivated flowers which also explains why you never quite know what you are are going to get when you order them. For a start, there can be gigantic variations between the sizes of the flower head. The shape of the flower can also vary and the angle to which the head sits on a stem can be problematic for an inexperienced florist, so they can be awkward to arrange, especially when you compare them to a flower like a rose that sits perky and upright! The status of the dahlia has risen over the years; they’ve moved on from Grandad’s favourite allotment flower a generation or so ago, to the coveted specimen that they have become today. Traditionally they were harvested and bundled in colourful bunches – a mashed-up colour combo of bright pink, yellow, purple and orange. They would sit outside a florist or a greengrocer, not considered gorgeous enough to deserve a space indoors, or just plonked in a vase with the premium lovelies of the day.

These days, dahlia are majestic specimens that sit in pride of place, in the chicest flower shop in the land, and we love them a little bit more with each passing year.

Cafe du lait. The chicest dahlia in town
Café au lait, the chicest dahlia in town

Cafe au lait is a premium example of this season’s must-have variety, resplendent in its gorgeous nude tones (providing the nude in question was of Scandinavian origin).  But the power of the dahlia lies in their imposing and clashing nature. Dahlia are the ultimate alpha flower that will demand attention in every vase or bouquet where they are included. Cafe au lait is all well and good and a very tasteful incarnation of this flower, but we will be equally enamoured with the gigantic, bright and brassy ginger variety that are a genuine delight at this time of year!

Dahlia will last well in a vase for up to seven days, but refreshing the water mid-week is recommended, particularly when placed in a clear glass vase as they are inclined to cloud the water.

Dahlia! Geometric perfection
Geometric perfection in the divine dahlia