A Warm and Wonderful Welcome to September

A very warm welcome to September, a fine flowery month in the wonderful world of flora. The cyclical merry go round of fine fabulous flowers turns once more, and whilst we still rejoice in our summer favourites – from candy coloured clouds of hydrangea to the most resplendent and towering delphinium –  we’re all looking forward to the delights of late summer and autumn, too. Flower shops are wonderful places all year round but September has an appeal all of its own. We spoke to a handful of the team to find out what they love most about September in the flower world.

‘I started work as a florist and fell in love with flowers around this time many years ago, so late summer has a special significance to me. I remember being completely bowled over by flowers in general but I was in love with the different types of foliages and berries that were on offer. I particularly like English grown hydrangea at this time of year – the colours are spectacular and signify that autumn is on its way.’

Duncan McCabe, social media manager

English grown hydrangea at the Rosewood Hotel
English grown hydrangea at the Rosewood Hotel

‘August and January are the two quietest months of the year for most florists – apart from weddings in August. The shop springs into action again when the holidays are over, but it’s always nice to catch your breath in quieter moments though I love it when it’s very busy. There is a great vibe when there’s lots going on and there is always lots going on in September.’

Caleb Goh, head of corporate events

Hello autumn
Hello autumn

‘I love to see dahlia at this time of year but September also reminds me that Christmas is on the way. We have all been working on the preparations for some time; photography samples, proposals and quotes. It’s the busiest time of year at McQueens and although our plans start much earlier in the year,  in September Christmas is definitely on all our minds! ‘

Dawid Laskowski, senior florist

An abundance of gorgeous dahlia are a fixture in September
An abundance of gorgeous dahlias are a fixture in September

‘I love the change of colour that the seasons bring! We slip from pastel shades of pink and blue to burned oranges and golds, the colours of autumn. I love the shift in the type of flowers available.’                                                                                                                                                                Janine Sultana, contract florist

An exuberant display of autumn
An exuberant display of autumn

‘I was born and trained as a florist in Australia so for me, autumn in the UK is awesome. In Australia, it’s winter going into spring where tulips and narcissi are popular. It’s a stark contrast to the autumnal flowers that are coming into season here in the UK. and I love the brambles and berries that are very popular at this time of year’                                                                                                                                                  Rodney Mark Johnson, senior florist

Bramble berries and a delight at this time of year
Bramble berries. We love!