Flowers and Home with Sarah Akwisombe

Last week, in light of our recent nomination for an Amara Blogging Award, we launched a new series on McQueens the Blog, focussing on flowers and home with some of our favourite interiors experts. Today we’re delighted to invite the award-winning London design blogger and all-around talented lady, Sarah Akwisombe to share her thoughts on the topic, of which she has considerable expertise.

Sarah’s unique, no-nonsense approach to blogging and bold, statement design won her the coveted Amara Best Newcomer Award back in 2014 and she’s been steaming ahead ever since. These days she works with the likes of Habitat, Estée Lauder and Muji, as well as running her No Bull Blog School, providing online courses to people who want to take their passion and turn it into a blog or business. Sarah certainly knows a thing or two when it comes to all things blogging, homes and interiors, so without further ado, here’s Sarah on what flowers and home mean to her.

Sarah Akwisombe…on Flowers and Home

“My earliest memory of flowers was at my grandparent’s house. They had a huge garden and in the summer we would run circles around a big flower bed they had. There was a very distinct scent – I think now that it may be honeysuckle but I’m still not sure. I don’t remember ever really taking in the visual side of them, but the smell I’ll never forget. I remember being given my first proper bunch of flowers on my 16th birthday from my mum. I’d always thought it to be quite a ‘grown up’ thing to receive, so I remember feeling pretty chuffed. The flowers that trigger instant nostalgia for me are always pansies – we used to have hanging flower beds in our family home.”

UK interior design blogger, Sarah Akwisombe
When only roses will do…

…on Favourite Flowers

“My favourite flower? I can’t get enough of lilies. Again, it’s not about the visual but the smell is so gorgeous. They can lift a whole room instantly. I had white calla lilies in my wedding bouquet – people kept telling me they were funeral flowers but I didn’t care!”

“I’ve also become quite obsessed with Allium, they don’t smell so great but the structural shape is amazing. I’m really into pop art and geometrics so these seem to work well for my ‘aesthetic’! Of course, you can’t beat a peony or a hydrangea. Iris is beautiful too. The last bunch I received was from my husband. He’s not really a flower type guy so it was so touching. He had gone to the florists and personally chosen a selection to cheer me up. I was having a really bad day!”

Allium, one of Sarah’s favourite blooms on account of its unusual and graphic aesthetic

…on using flowers in the home

To me, flowers and plants are the best way to finish a space. Our home is full of plants, but If I’m ever feeling low energy or I want our flat to feel a bit more fresh I head straight to the florist for a pick me up. It feels like a special treat and I think we all need a bit of that in our lives now and then (or more!).”

Design blogger, Sarah Akwisombe's, living room
A glimpse into Sarah’s stylish home

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