What is your Bouquet Personality?

Everyone is special in their unique way; just ask your mum, she’s bound to agree. But the choices we make throughout our lives for things like fashion, hairstyle and the way we dress our homes can tell a lot about who you are and how you will be perceived by others. Flower lovers are a particular breed all on their own – we are all certifiably lovely – but one’s personal choice in flower can also say a lot about who you are. So with that in mind, and with no claims to any scientific basis, we look at what your choice of bouquet might say about you.


You enjoy an understatement. You are a dependable sort and can be relied upon if things get rocky. You don’t particularly enjoy surprises and will prefer to follow rules. You enjoy everything in moderation but don’t suffer fools gladly. At a party, you will be watching proceedings from a distance with a cautious eye while everyone gawps at you in admiration.

McQueens Bouquet: Grace
Grace – cool as a cucumber, and delightfully stylish


You are the life and the soul of the party with a personality to match. You shine when you are in the spotlight and your kindness matches your gregarious nature. You love a challenge and are always looking for the next adventure. At a party, you will be dancing the can-can, doing the splits and cracking filthy jokes (and that’s before you’ve even got your coat off).

McQueens Bouquet: Helios
Helios – you big ole show-off


There is more to you than meets they eye. You are private and guarded and it takes you a while to open up, but your passion is unbridled. Those that are able to penetrate your reserved demeanour will be rewarded with loyalty and respect. You don’t enjoy rules and don’t like being told what to do and have very clear ideas how things should be done. At a party, you mingle with a select few, and they adore you, obviously.

McQueens Bouquet: Opera
Opera: shy, sensual and seductive


Happy Together

Quick witted and communicative, you are inquisitive by nature and are naturally creative. You are happy to explore and need lots of challenges because you bore easily. Gentle and curious, you will talk to anyone and aren’t keen on being left to your own devices. At a party, you will be holding court, and loving every minute.

McQueens Bouquet: Happy Together
Happy Together: sociable,and very approachable



You are passionate, warm-hearted and humorous. A natural born leader, you can be self-confident and dominant, and it hasn’t gone unnoticed with your family and friends. You put everything into achieving your goals and will always stick up for the underdog. As for others, you’ll go out of your way to help them, and can be very persuasive when putting forward a case. At a party, you will be working the entire room – and when you’ve finished, you’ll start all over again.

McQueens Bouquet: Mitford
Mitford: it exudes warmth in every direction

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