Bridal Design: Over the Arm Bouquet

The scope and choice for bridal flowers is a whole lot more relaxed these days – a bit like social attitudes themselves. It wasn’t so long ago that brides were expected to glide down the marriage conveyor belt in a compulsory white Pronuptia gown holding a style of bouquet that had remained the same for generations. Oh, how times have changed. Thankfully we now have a much more individual approach and an endless selection of wedding designs and services, thanks to a very robust worldwide industry that’s geared up to creating unique experiences for weddings and civil partnerships. We are now living in a country where you can marry whomsoever you happen to love (hurrah!) and dress for the occasion in a style and manner of your choosing. The times they are a-changing, indeed.

When it comes to bridal bouquets, there are plenty of styles to choose from and whittling down that choice can be a very difficult process. The internet has led an inspiration revolution, and we now welcome brides who come prepared with files, clipboards, swatches and Pinterest boards bursting with images covering every aspect of the celebration.

For the bride’s bouquet there are plenty of options and today we focus our attention on the classic ‘over the arm’ style of bouquet, a much-requested choice that seems to have increased in popularity over the last few years.

‘During the consultation, we gather as much information as possible so that we can make some suggestions for a wedding bouquet,’ explains McQueens events manager, Alison Lythgoe,’The style of dress is the biggest factor when considering options for designs but we also take into account the height, shape, age and personality of the bride. An over the arm bouquet is a classic style that is a fantastic option for anyone who isn’t keen on holding the more ubiquitous hand-tied bouquet or teardrop design.’

Perfect for a taller bride, a mature bride, or just for someone who prefers something a little bit different, the over the arm bouquet can range from a sleek and minimal calla lilies to a sheaf of wildflowers that look like they have been harvested fresh from the meadow. They are slightly more complex to construct and are arranged by placing and layering flowers over the arm to achieve the desired effect.

‘As more and more brides seem to be looking for something a little bit more unusual, the over the arm has had a huge surge in popularity,’ continues Alison. ‘Apart from the sense of style it brings to the big day, it also has a wonderful classic feel to it. It’s a very smart choice.’

A sleek minimal style of over the arm bouquet
A sleek minimal style of over the arm bouquet