McQueens School Experience: Francesca Scarlato

McQueens Flower School continues to grow from strength to strength, and we are thrilled to welcome so many of our students on our work experience programme following the course. We recently had the pleasure of teaching and getting to know Francesca Scarloto. We asked her about her experience at McQueens Flower School.

Congratulations on completing the course, Francesca! When did your interest in flowers begin?

I’ve always dreamt of becoming a florist since I was a kid. The beauty of nature in all its colours and shapes has always fascinated me.

When did you decide you’d like to work with flowers?

Doing a creative job and working with my hands to make something special for someone has always appealed to me, and I’ve always thought that being a florist would make me happy. I worked in finance and retail for all my life until I decided to make my dream come true and change my career.

McQueens School Experience: Francesca Scarlato
McQueens School Experience: Francesca Scarlato


Why did you choose McQueens?

I chose McQueens because I’ve always considered it the one and only option. The elegance and simplicity of McQueens’ style are perfectly in line with my personal taste, and the story of the company also profoundly inspired me.

How was the experience at the school?

My experience at the school has been one of the most inspiring and enriching experiences of my life and has definitely exceeded all my expectations. The course provides you with an in-depth overview of flower design giving you the tools and hands-on experience to create amazing arrangements from simple bouquets to big installations. The teachers are incredible professionals who support and encourage you in a friendly and fun environment also giving you access to all their knowledge and experience.

We loved that you stayed on and joined the team with some work experience after the course. What was that like like?

I highly recommend enrolling for the work experience after the course. The support of a tutor tailors the experience around your interests and helps you feel completely integrated with the team, and it also ensures that the time you invest is spent learning. But gaining hands-on experience and practice is what is more relevant for your development as a florist.

McQueens is made up of amazing and incredibly talented people who have welcomed me, making me feel part of the team from day one. I am profoundly grateful for all they’ve given and shared with me both on a professional as well as on a personal level.

We’ve been very impressed by your passion and commitment for flowers. What are your plans for the future?

I’m originally from Italy but living in London for the past five years and in the process of moving to Barcelona where I will open my own floral studio called Chesca (from the name my London friends have always called me). I’m incredibly excited to start this new adventure doing what for me is the best job in the world and inspired by McQueens’ courage and enthusiasm.

Instagram: @chesca_flowers

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