Springtime at McQueens

Spring is a magical time of year in the flower world with so many gorgeous varieties available. We spoke to a selection of the McQueens team to find out what they love most about spring!

Emily Mathison

‘I like spring because after a dark and gloomy winter you have all the promises of summer and all the promises of light. I remember my first spring working in a flower shop, I remember all the smells. I worked in a shop where all the flowers were variety labelled so I remembered learning that there are a hundred different types of narcissi’

Rodney Mark Jonson

‘Going to New Covent Garden Market at this time of the year is fantastic. There are flowers everywhere. Bright colourful blossoms, bulbs, forget-me-nots and tulips. It’s really fun, bright and colourful time of year!’

Andrea Bassolli

‘There are many more varieties and colour available. It makes your day, especially on Monday when we have the biggest delivery of the week, you discover new varieties every day and new colours, it’s really lovely. My favourite spring flowers are muscari and anemone’

Will Simmons

‘It’s just the colour and the scent that arrives in spring because there aren’t too many flowers naturally in season during winter. It’s that pop of colour that really marks the start of spring!’

Selina Kerley

‘My favourite spring flower has to be hyacinth. They come in so many amazing colours and they smell incredible for me it really marks the start of spring’

Michi Kanatschnig

‘I also love late spring flowers like aquilegia. They are quite an underrated flower but they have such a dainty cuteness about them. Scent is a trigger and it’s so prominent in spring flowers in particular. I think that makes spring flowers so special’