Instagrammer of the Week: Diana Gomez

As a girl, Diana Gomez grew up surrounded by colour, nature, music and art in the vibrant city of Caracas, Venezuela. It was here that she enrolled in a photography degree that would start the beginning of a lifelong career. Having lived and worked in London for the past 16 years, Diana’s beautifully lit and colourful images capture a sense of optimism, power and beauty that portrays women in a confident and engaging way. Some of her most notable editorial clients include Harpers Bazaar, Marie Claire and the Sunday Times. In addition to working with top names in the world of advertising including Nike and Coca-Cola, Diana has photographed many stars including Rihanna, Courtney Love, Will.I.Am, Selena Gomez and  Taylor Swift. Currently working between London and LA, you can follow her on Instagram @dianagomezphoto

Tell us about your experience of Instagram, Diana…

I opened my account about four years ago and my initial plan was to use it as a photographic diary where I would create and post my memories; people, places and moments that remind me of beautiful and poignant times in my life. It has slowly changed into a business tool that I now use to showcase my images and attract people to my work.    I have met and connected with some incredible, inspiring individuals and have made tons of new friends.

A brunette model reclining in a garden chair captured by photographer, Diana Gomez
Leslie Rodger, photographed by Diana Gomez

What is your approach to posting images?

Along the way I have learned some great tips about how to make your account seen and followed by more people – it’s just finding the time to practise that’s difficult. I need to spend most of my time creating ideas, producing shoots, meeting clients and running every single aspect of my practice. So it is difficult to juggle both, and creating content for social media is a full-time job. I am now posting less about the things I see and experiences I live, and more about the work I produce.

A brunette model photographed standing in an open-top black sports car captured by photographer, Diana Gomez
Jaime Winstone, photographed by Diana Gomez

Who do you most admire? 

Most people I admire might not necessarily use Instagram, but people I love to follow on Instagram and find a connection with are people who inject fun and inspire others to enjoy life mainly through the use of fashion, art, dance or music. So, I love following people like Rick Owens, Carmen Busquets, Steven Klein, Catherine Baba, and B Akerlund, amongst others.

A blonde model wearing a heart-shaped headpiece captured on a rooftop by photographer Diana Gomez
Alice Chater, photographed by Diana Gomez

Last but not least, tell us about your relationship with flowers… 

Orchids remind me of home. I use flowers to bring colour, scents and love into life. I’m known for the use of colour and light in my photography, for making people feel and look beautiful and embrace the power within themselves. Being surrounded with flowers, nature and plants is the best medicine for the soul. It always works. I’m a wild spirit who grew up surrounded by nature and the most incredible amazing rainbows. Music and nature make me feel connected with my soul. Flowers have that special power to make everything feel and look better.

Image credit: Diana Gomez
Sophie Ellis Bextor, photographed by Diana Gomez