Hellebore: the perfect winter flower

Hellebore, the perfect winter flower, is much adored at this time of year. It’s top of the list of favourite flowers for McQueens founder and MD, Kally Ellis, and is a gorgeous specimen that brings a bit of cheer during the cold winter months. They are a small, delicate and exquisite flower that stand no more than 50cm tall, and are well known for their white and green varieties. They are also cultivated in pink and burgundy shades that are too gorgeous for words, and we always make some space for them within the shop displays at both of our stores. They fall under a category of flowers that are treasured for their delicacy and understated beauty and are forgiven for being a little bit temperamental, much like the delicate lily of the valley and gardenia. They are prone to wilting prematurely and require a different approach to most flowers when conditioning. When freshly cut with the surplus foliage removed, the bottom of the stem will need to be seared to lock in moisture and to prevent the flowers from drooping. Either place the stems into a few centimetres of freshly boiled water for around 30 seconds or carefully use the flame from a match to sear the stems.

A close up of hellebore
Exquisite and delicate hellebore

Hellebore is a popular flower at Christmas but we think that they are the chicest winter wedding flower, perfect for a bridal bouquet. Their temperamental nature might encourage some florists to skip them in favour of more reliable varieties, but the florist with nerves of steel and a well-rehearsed backup plan will be rewarded with the delight of the most exacting bride. They look perfect all on their own or will happily be combined with similarly proportioned flowers such as ranunculus or anemone.

A bridal bouquet created with hellebore
Hellebore: The perfect winter wedding flower