A Review of our 25th Anniversary Year

What a remarkable time we had in 2016, celebrating our milestone 25th anniversary year! The end of the year seemed the perfect opportunity to capture some priceless moments and take an exclusive behind-the-scenes peek at McQueens, all lovingly crafted by our very own social media director, Duncan McCabe.

‘There is no shortage of stories at McQueens,’ explains Duncan. ‘With such a big team and so many interesting projects every week, it’s hard to keep up with everything that’s going on. But there’s also a fabulous sense of camaraderie within the team, and I wanted to document that after a hectic and momentous year in McQueens history.’

In the video, McQueens founder and MD Kally Ellis shares her story of how she started McQueens a quarter of a century ago.

’25 years ago when I started McQueens, what I imagined was a really small, quaint shop, somewhere in town, where I could play with flowers and extract all the joy and pleasure out of that, and pleasing other people and hopefully making a living out of it. That’s all I ever expected. I did not expect what happened next, and how this rollercoaster has taken me on this journey…’

And what a journey it has been. From small beginnings in a shop in what was then an unfashionable part of town, to one of the most renowned and respected luxury floral brands in the world, McQueens now employs in excess of forty members of staff, and specialises in all areas of contemporary flower design. That includes events, contracts, McQueens Flower School and two stores, one within our HQ in Bethnal Green, and our boutique store at Claridge’s, based within the heart of the prestigious hotel in Mayfair. Of course, there are also the many exciting projects and commissions around the world, from teaching in Beijing to the Vanity Fair Oscar party in LA. Who could imagine that one tiny Shoreditch dream could make it this big?

‘ Becoming a florist was actually a dream I had, and I acted on that dream. So if you have an epiphany or a light bulb moment you really need to act on it. If you don’t, you will regret it, I can vouch for that!’  Kally Ellis, McQueens founder and MD