Classic Festive Table Design. Made by Karim

The turkey has been cooked to perfection. The sprouts may be a little soggy, but what the heck, no one will ever notice with a gorgeous Christmas table centre to beguile and distract your guests.

Follow McQueens florist Karim’s example by introducing a bit of gold and glitter to the occasion with his festive floral creation.

What you will need

1 x low glass container around 30cm diameter

15 stems of gold willow

1 x bunch of scotch pine

1 x bunch of skimmia

12 x red roses

12 x anemone

5 x waxed apples

5 x pine cones with sticks

Step one

Remove around 10cm of the bottom of the gold willow (his is likely to be the stiff part). The rest should be supple enough to make circular bundles of three stems, and place in the low vase. Repeat with remaining gold willow until vase is filled with a mass of twisted golden loveliness. Add two stems to complete the design.

Step Two

Cut the Scotch pine into small pieces around 8 – 10cm and place into the vase at intervals in between the twisted willow. Repeat with process with the skimmia and distribute evenly.

Step Three

Remove foliage from the roses. Cut stems to around 12cm at an angle, and place within the foliage. Keep natural and don’t ‘over-arrange’.

Step Four 

Cut anemone as directed with the roses and distribute throughout, following the natural style of the roses.

Step Five 

Cut long stems of ivy to 3ocm and remove a few centimetres of the ivy leaves at the top of the stem. Loop the ivy into the bowl, and carefully tuck each end into the bowl securely.

Step Six

Cut pine cone sticks to around 10cm, and place within the bowl

Step Seven

Using the stick removed from the pine cones, cut end at an angle and insert into the waxed apple. Place these within the design.

Step Eight

Gently tease a few pieces of the gold willow to make more prominent, and add the final two stems, looping within the design to finish it off.