How to Create a Christmas Wreath

What could be more festive that a fabulous Christmas wreath adorned with glittering ornaments? As the season descends upon us, wreaths become de rigeur as front doors across the nation await their jubilant makeovers. Admittedly, as florists, we’ll be the first to confess that wreath-making isn’t top of our ‘favourites’ list; among other things, Spaghnum moss can often arrive hosting a lovely array of unwanted visitors (aka creepy-crawlies), and the novelty soon wears off once you’ve battled to make several in a row. However, with the final touches added, it’s impossible not to see the beauty in this classic design that marks the beginning of one of our favourite seasons of the year. Watch our video to see how McQueens florist, Selina, put together our ginormous silver wreath, and for more guidance, read our step-by-step instructions below (remember, always attach materials securely…).

What You Need

Naturally, we recommend supporting local businesses by purchasing materials from your favourite florist. Alternatively, you’ll be able to find everything you need to make a festive wreath at any good garden centre, or online.

  • 1 pair of florist’s scissors (designed to cut through fine wire)
  • 1 flat wire wreath frame (we used a 12×12 inch)
  • 1-2 standard packets sphagnum moss (enough to densely cover wreath frame)
  • 1 pack of 20 SWG/0.91mm stub wire
  • 1 pack of 24 SWG/0.56mm stub wire
  • 1 roll of 26 SWG/0.46mm reel wire
  • 1 bunch blue spruce foliage
  • 1 bunch of silver-coated asparagus fern
  • 10-12 frosted pine cones
  • 10-12 waxed apples


  • Secateurs (will make a lighter job of snipping blue spruce)
  • Protective gloves


Step One  Wire your glitter apples and pine cones with the 20 SWG/0.91mm stub wire. To do this, pierce the flesh roughly two inches above the base of the apple, thread the wire through and bring the ends around in a nice, firm twist. Repeat with the pinecones by pushing the wire through a gap in the layers. Bringing the wire ends together will create a sort of ‘dart’ that you will later use to secure the decor into the base of your wreath.

McQueens florist, Selina, wiring glitter apples.
McQueens florist, Selina, wiring glitter apples

Step Two  Take your branches of blue spruce and carefully snip off pieces approximately 20 cm in length, reserving the nicer tips to use on top (where they will be most visible). Remember, the more spruce you use the fuller and more luxurious your wreath will look. A small to medium frame will easily take 2-3 branches so don’t be afraid to snip off a decent pile (you’ll be surprised how much will fit in once you start binding).

Step Three  Take your silver-dipped Asparagus fern and snip off the ends one by one. The stems are quite flimsy, therefore you will need to strengthen them using your 24 SWG/0.56mm stub wire. To do this, create a ‘hairpin’ bend in your wire and place this against the stem, using the opposite leg to wrap around it in a firm twist. Finally, bring both legs down away from the tip to create a dart, as before.

McQueens florist, Selina, wiring silver-coated Asparagus fern.
McQueens florist, Selina, wiring silver-coated asparagus fern

Step Four  Secure your reel wire to the frame in preparation for binding. Aim to create several thick ‘sausages’ of sphagnum moss, roughly the same size in width and length, and tightly bind them along the frame. Try to avoid placing them on top of each other, you will see a neater finish if you push the end of each new sausage slightly beneath the end of the last one. Once you’re finished, tie off the wire and push the sharp ends into the moss.

Step Five  Take the sprigs of blue price and bind them tightly to the moss frame with the reel wire. Start at one point and keep going with the stems facing in one direction, all the way around the frame. Remember to cover the whole width for even coverage and bind a tight as you can; this will form the base on which to pin your decor so it needs to be nice and firm!

Step Six  Once your moss base is completely covered in foliage, you can start decorating! We recommend starting with one material at a time and distributing it evenly around the wreath before moving on to the next. Simply slide the wire into the foliage and push firmly down into the moss to secure. Once everything is in place, you may wish to go around and tweak individual pieces for the perfect finish.

McQueens florist, Selina, holding a silver decorated festive wreath.
McQueens florist, Selina, holding a silver decorated festive wreath