The Heavenly Aroma of Chocolate Cosmos

Chocolate cosmos successfully prove the old adage that size really doesn’t matter. This flower is a colossal beast of the flower world if the reaction it gets from McQ florists is anything to go by. Yes, this small flower can even kick the mighty peony to the kerb with the loudest squeal from 9 out of 10 florists in a random survey. Not that peony and chocolate cosmos are ever likely to meet, it has to be said, as both reside in completely separate seasons.

Chocolate cosmos are the daintiest flowers, with a flower head not that much bigger than a buttercup. Part of their appeal is their fragility. The flower petals are the deepest chocolate brown, almost translucent and as delicate looking as the wings of a dragonfly. The stem is painfully thin, so careful handling is extremely important as the tiniest of slips can damage these beauties. As if all this wasn’t enough to beguile even the pickiest of flower lovers, now lean in, close your eyes, and take a good deep breath. Yes, that is the very subtle and distinctive scent of chocolate, the defining feature of this unique bloom. If Tim Burton had dreamed up a flower, we’d imagine it would be something  fantastical and ethereal like the mighty chocolate cosmos.

So how best to display these sensitive souls? They make the perfect statement in a vase all on their own, but they are also a gorgeous and delicate inclusion in a bridal bouquet as they look divine blended with shades of burgundy and plum. We must admit, they’re not the longest lasting of flowers, but for around five glorious days, you’ll be in chocolate heaven, particularly this week, which is Chocolate Week