Awesome Anemone

Welcomed  with open arms, the anemone has been back on the flower menu for a few months now and it’s always a delight to see them back in season. The transformative cycle of this flower is one to admire. They arrive from the market tight and in bud. Scruffy and unappealing, they can easily be ignored in the shop when displayed alongside some showier flowers. But those in the know will forgive the unpromising start and look forward to this delicate little beauty slowly revealing her heart. This is definitely a grower and not a shower, just like amaryllis and peony who also look their magnificent best when given a little time to flower.

With paper thin petals and a fragile hollow stem, anemones aren’t the easiest of flowers to work with, so do handle these beauties with care. We love the multitude of anemone colour  from scarlet to fuchsia to lilac to purple. Their popularity seems to increase year on year as more and more people succumb to the delights of this ethereal little flower. White anemone with the black centre is our latest must-have – and one that makes a very chic anemone_00 blog anemone_01  blog anemone_04 blog anemone_05