Meet The Team: Marzena Wasko

Marzena has been with McQueens for exactly a year now, having joined the team as we were preparing to relocate the business lock, stock and barrel to our new premises in Bethnal Green. Time certainly flies when you are having fun! One of the strengths of McQueens is the way we like to embrace all styles of […]


Flowerona was founded by Rona Wheeldon in 2010 and has grown to become a distinctive voice within the flower industry, offering inspiration for anyone with a passion for flowers. The brand includes a popular multi award winning blog, Social Media for Florists and Branding for Florists workshops, Flowerona Events, and a Flowerona for Florists Facebook Group with over 1,900 […]

Bridal Hand-Tied Bouquet

The ubiquitous hand-tied bouquet has been the mainstay in bridal flower design for much of the past 25 years, and it’s easy to see why. The technique of arranging flowers in the hand is endlessly versatile and the construction, packaging and robustness of this design makes it the failsafe option for modern brides. But wonderful as hand-tied […]

Dress to Impress: Buttonhole & Corsage

Flowers have been used throughout history to adorn the body and clothes for special events and ceremonies. The tradition continues today with buttonholes and corsages worn for grand occasions such as weddings, formal dinners and events. They are reserved for the most special soirées, so ordering them is not an every day occurrence. This means that […]

McQueens 25th Anniversary: The Interview

Twenty five years is a magnificent milestone for any business, particularly one that was founded on a dream way back in 1991! We had initially planned to do a Vogue-style 73 questions video of Kally Ellis, McQueens’ founder and MD, walking through our HQ while answering questions, with team McQueens intermittently walking past with arms of flowers, […]

Meet The Team: Karim Duc

Karim is one of the newest members of team McQueens. He started working for us around ten months ago after moving to London from his native Switzerland. Already Karim is a well-loved member of the crew –  it’s hard to imagine McQueens without him! Apart from being a very accomplished florist, he manages to keep everyone entertained […]

Spectacular Scabiosa

A quintessential summer favourite, scabious (or scabiosa) is a McQueens staple for the sunnier months. This delicate beauty from the honeysuckle family is hard to resist, and will be used in abundance throughout all McQueens departments (except perhaps the contracts team). As stunning as scabious are for gifts, parties and as a wedding flower, they […]

A Summer Palette

Summer is the season of abundance. Blue and pink reign supreme as our flower displays in store celebrate the height of summer time. With delphinium galore and buckets of of brightly coloured hydrangea everywhere, we’ve got snapdragons, dahlia, British-grown scented garden roses and even the odd persistent batch of peony that has stayed beyond its season. And that’s […]

The Art of the Artichoke

Some vegetable just ask to be boiled, placed next to a dish of hollandaise, and served up on a plate. Not these. Straddling the fine line between flower and vegetable, we say keep artichokes out of the kitchen! Impactful, with a strong, simple shape, even Alan Titchmarsh would have to agree that the ornamental cabbage […]

It’s Not All About the Flowers

Our stock in trade is flowers; it’s what we live, it’s what we breathe, and indeed, it’s what we dream. Cut flowers are the number one consideration for all florists and there is a gigantic global market built around the glory and majesty of them. We coo at new arrivals each season, and have been known to […]